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I havent updated for a time so here i am.

Had a lovely day in London yesterday, cheap train ticket..£28 which included travel there and back and included the tube and buses, super off peak only available weekends, bargain i thought and much better than a normal one day travel card at £30 plus quid..got 9.03a, train and it direct to kings cross, makes a nice change for me to get a direct train.

Arrived at Kings Cross at 10.33am and Emma and her 2 and half year old son met me there, was great to see her again, we used to be penpals in our late teens early twenties and i used to go watch spurs with her and another Emma back in the day, i hadnt seen Emma for over 10yrs and it was great to see her and meet her son, it wasnt like we hadnt seen one another for years either, which was good, we got the tube to waterloo and went to where the london eye and that is, we had booked online to do both, firstly we went on the thames river cruise and that was good, going up and down the thames and the commentater showed us the beach, it a square piece of sand which is what they call london beach.lol. after that we went to All bar one but it wasnt really suitable for a 2yr old so we went next door to the slug and lettuce pub near the eye and all bar one, we had a nice lunch, then queued to go on the eye and it was great, time seemed to go so quick, after that emma and sebastian had an ice cream then sebastian played in the playground for abit, then we went to waterloo and got tube to Holland Park where we met up with emmas husband mike who works there, then emma walked me to tube station at 5.30pm and i got tube back to kings cross, had a lovely day, as i said was lovely seeing emma again and meeting her family, thank god for facebook so i am back in touch with people from back in the day.

Caught the 6.45pm train home and was back here at 8.17pm.

Today is a lazy one i think. at least its bank holiday weekend woot woot.

When i go london again at some point i would love to do a london sightseeing bus tour, madam tussauds and hard rock cafe, dont want much do i?lol. sometimes its nice to avoid shops.
Not much to say really just that i feel really really down at the moment, i seem to be tearfull alot of the time and thats since i had the cold and flu and it really knocked me for six, i was run down before i had it all though.

I wish i could snap out of how im feeling at the moment, but i cant seem to, i havent felt low like this for a couple of years, but then i think everybody has down days dont they? and feel like saying to myself that i should pull myself together, give meself a good old shake and talking to.

im not depressed as in depressed i dont think, cos like i say everybody has down days, and i seem to be having a chunk of those right now.

i dont think my mum is to impressed with me at the moment, she rings me and im so short with her, i just dont feel like talking, its like im all withdrawn, im sure ill snap out of it soon, i hope so cos its depressing feeling like this.

Im just running on now i know

Well its been an age since i posted an entry on here, but thought i would maybe do entries again, not that got that much interesting to say.

I had a busy few weeks aroud May time, what with our cruise holiday and a wedding up in scotland and then a return wedding party in june, had lots of fun though and enjoyed it all.

Been abit low lately but dont want to talk about that really, the waiting game is whats worse, and before anybody puts two and two together and comes up with 6 its got nothing to do with penpalling, friends or marriage, marriage is great. but it is serious and my head is in a total shed, weekend i was crying, well sunday i was.

I havent done any letters since beginning of May, shock, horror i know but i just havent been on a letter vibe, im hoping i get my letter mojo back soon, but right now i cant be bothered, if i did one letter though im sure my pen would roll but its just motivating myself.

i went to see TAKE THAT on 5th July at Wembley and they were fantastic, i love them so much and i really hope they tour again really soon, i never got to go see them back in the day, so trying to make up for it now they are back together, obsessed is the word, i cant drive in the car without having the circus album blaring out.lol

Well going to end here for now, but its a start of being back on here.
Hey all, i havent done an update for a abit, so i guess its time isnt it?

I have been feeling really down and low the past few days, i think its a combination of the arse holes at work, feeling really tired and due on at any time, i sometimes get really really low when leading up to my period, and the arse holes at work whose mouths need super glueing up with super strength super glue, when im low im low, i was this time last summer and i got through it and i will again, with gary and you guys you help me through it all.

I woke up at gone 9am this morning, and all i did when got up was lay on sofa, i couldve easily gone to bed again, i felt really low, (sorry rach r for my miserable texts) but thanks loads for being there for my and sarahlou your texts always help too, infact thank you everybody for being great friend to me.

About 1pm ish i hinted to gary that a trip to diddl shop would cheer me up abit, so we hurried to get ready and we drove up to notts, bless gary he is my total rock as are you guys, we got to notts about 3.45pm, walked into town, gary went to a card shop and i went diddl shop, jorg the owner recognised me and said just you here today then, and i said yeah just me, but on 29th Sept there is aload of us going, so he said i dont have a clue what im doing next week let alone that far ahead, so i said itll give him chance to get more stock in, hee.

Anyway i bought 4 a4 spot the difference pads, 7 or 8 a6 spot the difference pads.a couple of a5 pads that already had, but thought they were nice and thought what the hell, i also got a couple of other bits too.

Left the shop found gary near the ice cream van, and he kindly bought me one with a nice flake in it and we walked back to the car, and on outskirts of notts we stopped at The Bridge pub which was a two for one pub and i had a chicken and bacon melt with chips and salad and it was yummy and filled a hole, hee, food and diddl always cheers me up oh and gary and my fantastic friends too, how could i forget you all, ........big kisses.

Tomorrow i am going to do letters, especially as i didnt do any today.

On other news, summer seems to be back today, blink and we will miss it, ha.

I am probs boring you all silly, so i shall say ta ra for now
Hello all i hope your all ok.

I feel abit crap this weekend to be honest, yesty i got up at 7am and my left ear kept hurting every few mins, i tried my best to ignore but it was hard, i did 2 letters, then went town and got 2 bra's and then envelopes too, came home and about 3.45pm i went bed as came over feeling all shite and tired, i slept and didnt wake up till 6pm, then we went the chippy and got a nice chippy tea.

Im not long up today and i dont feel all that crash hot, but i really wanna do some letters so i will while watching hollyoaks

I dunno what else to say so ill shut up

Love you all
Hello everybody i thought it was high time i came on here and posted an entry, have you missed me? a dam good miss ill bet hey? hee.

I havent a clue what to say really, so excuse me if this turns out pants please.

I am watching Shrek at the moment, we love it, hee, i loved the ride at universal studios, so much so we went on it twice, oh deary me.

Whats been happening with me, well the beginning of may we went on holiday on a meditarrean cruise, which was great, the weather was high 20s each day and i got a tan, but several weeks later the holiday and the tan is a distant memory now, sobs out loud, but alas we have booked to go on another cruise 1st April next year for 7 days and my parents are coming along too, which will be great, roll on April i say, i never used to be so into holidays but i bloody am now, hee.

When got back from our cruise, on 26th May i met up with sarahlou, jo bull, jo burgess, katie marie barnes, sarah gipp and nessa in stamford and i have to say it was a great day and we had lots of laughs didnt we sarahlou? anybody seen the labels yet? serious blonde moments there were? hee.

Saturday just gone i went London and met up with my bestie rach rix,(it was the best seeing you again hun), the hugs were way over due, london was busy and stuffy especially the underground, but i was proud of my little self i managed to get from kings cross to paddington and back all on my lonesome and with out any wrong turnings etc, yay. we walked miles looking for selfridges (thanks rachel s for the directions your a star), we were so excited when we found all the hello kitty stationery, i was like ill have 2 of them and 3 of them, cos as you all know a girl can never have enough stationery can we? all in all it was a great day, except i went to use my camera and i hadnt charged the dam thing up so i couldnt take pics, grr.

Last night i ordered all 6 of the a5 spot the difference diddl pads on quiz website, so now im like an excited child awaiting those, and i have an email today saying they have been despatched, yay.

So is anybody watching Big Brother this year then? or am i gunna bore everybody silly talking about it? i wont go on too long i promise, why oh why does charley argue every single day and whilst argueing she looks in the mirror and plays with her boobies, stop it stop it. they are all in it for the fame arent they?

At least we have a fit guy now, Liam, i also like Brian too.

Right end of BB talk just incase you dont watch it.

Congratulations Natz to getting your job, we are all really happy for you, and we all hope you get on really well, dont we? i heard lots of shouts of yeah, so all is good, seriously though well done.

Well here i am waffling on, i will love you all and leave you all now, so as cilla used to say


Sarah Jacklinhttp://Sazjacks.bebo.com/
Happy Easter to everybody on my friends list.
Hey Girls

Well i havent done an update for a while so i thought i had best get typing, not that my entries are exactly very exciting but still.

Well Saturday i went to Cambridge for the day and met up with Nessa and Sarah Gipp, it was lovely seeing them both again, i hadnt seen sarah in about 6yrs so it was great seeing her again and its always lovely seeing Nessa, we had a wander around town, i bought baby outfits for Jo Burgess's baby girl Leah which i am hopefully taking over to hers in a couple of weeks, i cannot wait to see Jo again and meet baby Leah, i am hoping for a lil hold of her, and dont worry i wont be getting broody, dont get me wrong i love babies, but only when you can hand them back after a time.

Anyway we had lovely lunch in The Regal Pub which is a wetherspoons (Gypsy Echo) (you have been in there with me, we had a truly drunken day out there when you once stayed with me and those spurs fans on the train, do you remember? hee) Anyway we sat chatting then went around some more shops then about 4pm we got trains home, it was a lovely day.

Monday at work the Part Time Witch (Shirley) who works allday mondays and half a day friday and is 70 this year and is skinny and doesnt have arse in her trousers, said to me, as i had a tee shirt on, you have put weight on during the summer sarah you really need to lose some weight, your only young still, i was like wooah, and she goes if two people in office cant talk its a poor old show, imagine how i felt, i know i have put weight on, but the last thing you wanna hear is somebody telling you that dont ya?, i know i need to lose abit i didnt need her scrawny gob telling me, grrr the nerve of the woman. i will never be a size zero and wouldnt wanna be either, but god it really annoyed me, if the truth be known i am abit self conscious about my weight at times but everybody is arent they? people in this world can be quite shallow i think, they dont see whats inside, i mean the best looking person may have an ugly inside if you know what i mean and be total bitches, whereas people who arent have great hearts and are lovely to know, beauty is only skin deep.

God i have actually posted quite a deepy entry this time havent i? goooo sar hee.

Well its last day tomoz for 4 days, thank godness for that ive been waiting since the xmas hols for the next bank holiday, then 2 come at once, hee, yay though, ive only 4 weeks after this then i go on my cruise, bring it on i say.

Well i think i have annoyed you all for long enough

Love ya all

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